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Cool DIY Coat Racks


At $20 a piece, these DIY coat racks are as practical as they are impactful!

Branch Coat Rack

DIY coat rack made from wood branches.


1- x 6-in. wood plank
wood screws
wood stain
branches of varying width
small finishing nails
furniture wax
old paint brush


  1. Build a very simple box frame using the 1- x 6-in. plank. Fasten with wood screws.
  2. Stain the frame.
  3. Cut branches to interior height of frame and insert. They should fit snugly. (Note: Not every branch has to double as a hook; some can be merely decorative.)
  4. Secure branches with a small finishing nail at both top and bottom.
  5. Apply furniture wax to branches using an old paint brush. The wax will keep the wood from splintering, and the bark from falling off.

Place Setting Coat Rack

DIY coat rack made from place settings.


wood stain
1- x 6-in. wood plank
plastic plates and bowls (not disposable)


  1. Stain plank. Allow to dry completely.
  2. Drill small holes in the middle of each plate and bowl, using a drill bit that is slightly larger than the screw you will use to fasten the place setting to the board. Let the drill do the work; too much pressure may cause the plate to crack.
  3. Using the same bit, drill a small hole in the face of each piece of cutlery.
  4. Place cutlery in a pot of boiling water. Boiling the cutlery will make the metal easier to bend. Using tongs and work gloves, remove cutlery and bend around the edge of a piece of scrap wood to create your hook.
  5. Attach place setting to your plank and you're done!


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