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Closet Savers

The six fixtures every organized closet needs.

Hanging closet organizer.

1. Rolling Garment Rack

A condo-dweller's best friend! A covered rolling rack will keep coats and out-of-season clothing clean and dust-free—even in your storage locker. When it's time to swap out your seasonal wardrobe, simply roll the rack into the elevator, rotate your clothes and wheel the rig back down again! 36-inch Clear Storage Closet, $40 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

2. Hanging Closet Organizers

Hanging closet organizers are great in theory, but many are flimsy and impractical. Take the time to look around and choose wisely. Sturdiness, maneuverability and storage volume are all key considerations. Real Simple Boot and Shoe Organizer, $25, and Smart Carousel Organizer, $40, at Bed, Bath & Beyond

3. Boot Shapers

Help you boots stand tall and proud! All boot shapers are great, but hanging boot shapers are even better! Women's Boot Shapers, from $9 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

4. Hangers

Matching hangers give any closet an instant lift. Bonus: Slim-fit models allow you to cram even more behing closed doors. Ultra-Slim Non-Slip Hangers, $8 at HomeSense

5. Lighting

One sorry naked bulb does not adequate lighting make. Motion-activated stick-on lights are the perfect way to brighten your closet's dark corners. LED Puck Lights with Sensor, $25/set of 3 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

6. Air Fresheners

Sure, now your closet looks lovely and organized, but how does it smell? Cedar is not only a natural air freshener, but it also helps to repel moths, silverfish, cockroaches and mildew. Cedar Fresh Lavender-Infused Cedar Sachets, $11 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

And speaking of mildew, ordinary chalkboard chalk can actually help alleviate dampness so that mold can't grow and destroy the contents of your closet. Simply tie pieces of white chalk together and hang them inside your closet or slip several pieces into a cheesecloth sachet.


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