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Chris’ Happy Place

For Chris, a meditation room is the perfect place to relax. For someone who's always 'go go go' and loves to have a good time, he really values a quiet, calm place. Here Chris pulled together pieces from his dressing room, home, and a few of his favourite stores.

Chris' Happy Place

Above: floor cushions, Roche Bobois; console, metal drum tables, Elte; wooden stump, Kuda; tabletop accessories, throw cushions, pendant light: Steven and Chris; Tibetan singing bowl, photographs, Buda, Chris' own; rug, Hellenic Rugs

Design is Chris' passion, and he has a distinct aesthetic. It's simple, clean, and often neutral. That said, he enjoys playing around with new looks and this vignette includes some of his favourite items right now. The clean lines of the console keep the space sophisticated while the finish gives it dimension. imilarly, the metal stools are fairly simple, but the details give it dimension.

Comfy Cushions

Chris loves to lie down on the floor. Yes, the floor. In fact, he's been known to spend hours on the floor meditating, listening to music... and sleeping. These floor cushions take the place of a sofa or accent chair. They're beautifully tailored, upholstered in a solid navy linen, and have exaggerated piping and button detailing to keep them interesting.

Chris' Happy Place

Calm and Meaningful Accessories

The Buda sculpture is a reminder to keep calm, along with simple accessories around the space that have a calming effect. The bone bowl, for example, is filled with incense and the side table has a Tibetan singing bowl on it. The art in this space are personal vacation photos taken by Steven. For Chris they are snapshots of the times he is the happiest.

Chris' Happy Place

Warm and Cozy Design Elements

The rug and lighting are pieces from the S&C product line and really add some warmth to the space. The rug has great texture and pattern to it while the light creates a calming glow over the whole space.


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