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Chris’ Angels: Testing Auto Gadgets


Chris' Angels are back and they're testing out four gadgets for your car to see if they'll make your next ride smoother.

High Road Tablet Holder and Car Seat Organizer
(Photo credit: Amazon.com)

High Road Tablet Holder and Car Seat Organizer, $13.99

Claim: Give your backseat passengers their own mobile theatre with pockets to sore everything you need for long or short drives. Three pockets hold tablets, books, music, DVDs, toys and more. It attaches to car seatbacks with an adjustable headrest strap and bottom tie cords.

Verdict: It's great as a holder and that's it, and for my older daughter who is eight. The younger ones were asking me to switch things and operate the iPad because it wasn't in their hands. This was a hassle when I was driving. However, if you have older kids, it's fine since they can take the iPad in and out and work it! — Taylor Kaye

Redneck Horn

Redneck Horn, $15

Claim: Tired of rude drivers and road-hogs cutting you off, changing lanes without signaling, and generally acting like jerks? Looking for a safe and effective way to vent your frustrations? Slap this electronic redneck horn on your car's dashboard and when you feel the need to scream, just hit the big red button. Out comes one of ten "Redneck Insults" in a loud redneck accent sure to make you laugh and feel better fast. 

Verdict: You definitely don't want to use this when the kids are around! The language is quite adult, but fun! I agree with the product claim that it makes you laugh and feel better when you are frustrated and stuck in traffic. Have fun with this one. It's just 15 bucks y'all! — Cher Jones


Chef Buddy Mixing Mug
(Photo credit: Walmart.com)

Chef Buddy (80-01215A) Double Layer Auto Mixing Travel Mug with Tornado Action, $13.99

Claim: A self-stirring travel mug that works great for diet drinks, sports drinks, coffee and more. It also has a waterproof battery compartment and a spill-proof lid. All you need is 2 AAA batteries.

Verdict: I didnt love this, I didn't hate it, it was just MEH. Perhaps I would have more use for this if I had a long commute to work? Anything that can't be easily thrown in the dishwasher irritates me, so basically, not useful for me, but I could see how maybe others could use it. — Joanne Alderson

RoadPro Fleece Heated Travel Blanket

RoadPro 12-Volt 100-Percent Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket, $39.56

Claim: This 100 per cent quality polar fleece blanket plugs directly into lighter/power socket to keep you warm and cozy. It has an 8-foot power cord and it folds easily for storage in zippered bag, which comes included (bonus!).

Verdict: LOVE THIS! Its like an electric blanket for you car. Seriously useful if you live in a cold climate. It's a great option/alternative if you dont have heated seats. Only cons are it's hideous, and I wish they had a cute plaid as an option, plus it's a bit pricy. — Joanne Alderson

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