Chic DIY Throw Pillows


Pillows have the power to transform a blank couch or chair into a pretty and comfortable sitting area. Here are three easy ways to create fun and chic pillows using a few simple tools.


Nail Head Stamp

Nail Head Stamp Pillows


Nails (varying head sizes); roofing nails are best
Plank of wood
Sheet of paper
Latex paint
Foam roller
Pillow case

  1. Draw, or print out the design you wish to stamp on a piece of paper.
  2. Lay your paper down on a plank.
  3. Nail through the paper into the wood. The nails will assume the design you have on the paper. Make sure all the nails are hammered in at the same depth
  4. Rip away the paper.
  5. Using a foam roller, roll over the tops of your nail heads.
  6. Press your nail head stamp, down onto your pillow case.
  7. Let dry.

Tape Reveal

Tape Reveal


White canvas pillows
Masking tape
Spray paint (we used gold)

  1. Use masking tape to make a design on the pillow. Use minimum half an inch of tape.
  2. Shake spray paint before you begin to ensure even texture.
  3. Spray top down so you get a mist. You don’t want to be too close to the fabric, otherwise you will get splotches.
  4. Let air dry for at least a couple of hours before you take the tape off carefully.

Grommet Detailing

Grommet Detailing Pillows


Grommet Tool
2 pillow cases in different colours

  1. Using an x-acto knife, make triangle slits where you would like your grommets to go (make sure you protect your desk with cardboard underneath).
  2. Take your grommet and grommet tool and place them in place.
  3. Hammer them until they attach.
  4. Once complete you will see the other coloured pillow poke out from underneath.


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