DIY Bulletin Board

As design blogger Lindsay Stephenson demonstrates, it's easy to transform a store-bought cork board into a fancy upholstered one. Better yet, it requires no professional equipment—just fabric, a stapler and upholstery tacks!

  1. If you're going to buy a new bulletin board for this project (vs. using one that you have on hand), opt for one with a frame. It will act as your guideline when adding upholstery tacks.
  2. Select a fabric to cover the bulletin board that complements your decor. Though it looks like linen, Lindsay actually used painter's canvas for hers, which you can buy at any big-box reno store in the paint aisle for under $20. Non-patterned fabric is easier to work with than a print. Although any fabric will work, the path of least resistance is to go with a solid colour.
  3. Lay the bulletin board over the fabric and cut away excess, leaving enough material to pull around the edges of the board. You don't have to be exact as you can always trim it down later.
  4. Fold the fabric over the top edge and staple it to the back of the bulletin board.Then do the same along the bottom. Make sure the fabric is tight but not so tight that the staples pull out. Continue with the sides until you've secured the fabric all the way around. (You can use a professional stapler if you have one, but your average office variety will work just fine.)
  5. Flip the board over and admire your handiwork. It probably looks a lot better than when you started! To really fancy it up, finish the look with upholstery tacks. (Lindsay bought hers at macFab Fabrics in Toronto, but you can also find them at places like Lee Valley Tools.
  6. Using the frame as your guide, nail upholstery tacks into the board. Start in one corner and work down the side, then continue around. The tacks will pull your fabric tighter, so some of your staples may come out in the process. Don't worry, you can always restaple the back once you're finished.
  7. And you're done! But why not take it a step further and add custom button push pins to really make your board pop?

For more photos and tips, visit Lindsay's Little House Blog.

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lindsay_bio.jpgLindsay Stephenson is the writer and daring DIYer behind Little House Blog as well as the owner of Penny Paper Co. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Aubrey, and son, Oscar.


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