Stylish Dining Room on a Budget

Having your space reflect you and your personality should not be dependent on whether or not you own your home. So here are some ways to achieve a completely chic but inexpensive dining room keeping in mind the most important things to spend and where to save your money.

Budget Dining Room

Above: table and buffet,; rug, pendant, wall sconces, Ikea; chairs, Modern Furniture Knockoff; accessories, Morba; cushions, designer's own

Table, $50; Buffet, $70

These pieces were found on craigslist and were purchased as a set. To avoid a uniform and predictable look, don't use the entire set, but the main pieces such as the table and buffet. You might have to be open to putting in a little elbow grease depending on the condition, but the pay off is well worth it!

Re-paint or re-finish your finds as needed. Here we sanded and repainted the buffet in a bright green color to add that element of fun and whimsy. For the table, we DIY'd these table settings by cutting out pieces of Mac Tack in the shape of a dinner plate and cutlery. We then painted the table and peeled away the Mac Tack to reveal this fun one of a kind design. You can download a template for the table setting stencil here.

Budget Dining Room

Chairs, $99 each

Choose dining room chairs that are a complementary style but are a designer knockoff. Here we chose knockoff Eames plastic molded chairs with an eiffel base, which is the perfect way to get a designer look and add glam without paying designer prices.

Rug, $449

Like we say, rugs are the simplest ways to change the look of your space, so don't invest in a really expensive one. Instead, purchase something that's relatively inexpensive but has lots of personality. It also goes with everything so it can be moved into another space when you try something new in the dining room.

Budget Dining Room

Artwork, $50

We recommend making your own art. Here we added kids' toys to a canvas and sprayed them with blue paint. This adds a graphic quality to the wall that again is sleek but whimsical.

Budget Dining Room

Wall Sconce, $59.99; Pendant, $99

There are some great light fixtures out there that are very inexpensive and versatile. The ones we chose can be used in different rooms in your house again if you ever change the decor in your space.

Budget Dining Room

All of these elements together cost just under $1500. If this is too much for you to spend all at once, take your time purchasing all the elements until you can complete the picture.


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