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Bring the Indoors Out

This season we're seeing a definite trend of bringing the indoors outside when it comes to patio furniture. With that in mind we've pulled together an outdoor space that's vibrant and very livable. Here's how we got this look.


Above: umbrella, sofa, lounge chairs, ottoman, side tables, bench, attachable back rests, lanterns, tray, throw cushions, Fresh Home and Garden; metal straws, ice bucket, West Elm; plastic cups, HomeSense

Green Wall

The starting point for this space was to create a focal wall. Because summertime means planting, a green wall was the obvious choice. We created a green wall using a simple DIY of attaching eavestroughs to the wall which is both practical and has a lot of impact. It also allows for all your greenery to be contained cleanly rather than having lots of mismatched planters around. For a more contemporary feel, we colour blocked our plants, and used all the same coloured greenery in each individual row.

Bring the Indoors Out


When dealing with a smaller space, modular and multi-functional pieces are key. These sofa pieces are modular and can be added to for relaxing, entertaining, or just to change up your look with the season. They are also seam-sealed so they're waterproof. Keep larger pieces neutral so your accent pieces can shine. Grey fabric will ground a seating arrangement and will work for so many seasons.

Lounge Chairs

This is where you can have a bit of fun. Accent seating is a time to bring in the trends of the season like the bright colours we chose here. The design of the lounge chairs create a casual comfortable feel. The contemporary striped fabric is similar to indoor fabric and adds a lot of colour.

Coffee Table

Again, keep multi-function in mind. Layer in an ottoman which can be used as extra seating, an extension of the lounge chair and a table surface with the addition of a tray.

Bench with Backrests

Many balconies are long and lean and could definitely use furniture that is as well, so we added additional seating and tabletop with a great wooden bench. Reclaimed wood is a big look not only in indoor pieces but outdoor as well. Don't hesitate to mix and match for an urban look. The wood adds some character to the space and warms it up. If comfort is a concern, we found these contemporary backrests that can attach to any surface such as this to create a seat with a back!

Bring the Indoors Out

Lanterns and Accessories

One thing we find most people forget about outdoors is accessorizing. Lanterns, and decorative accessories are as important outdoors as they are indoors. Large scale lanterns are impressive and add a romantic glow to the space. Accessories such as throw cushions add pops of colour and tie all the furniture together. Remember, this is an extension of your indoors so it should be treated as such.


Last but not least, we can't forget about the sunshine. A great umbrella provides some protection from the sun's rays. This piece is more architectural in structure and has a contemporary finish, which is a departure from traditional umbrellas.


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