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Sew-Your-Own Bow Tie Napkins

Seamstress extraordinaire Denise Wild returns with an easy at-home sewing project sure to class up any dinner table.

bow_tie_napkins1.jpgSkill level: Beginner
Time investment: approx. 10 minutes per bow tie

Fabric (17- x 17-in. per bow tie)
Ribbon (6-in. per bow tie)
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine
Non-stick Velcro
Iron, for pressing

Part 1: The Napkin

  1. Begin with a 17- x 17-in. fabric square. Don't be afraid to play around with bold colour combinations. Have fun!
  2. Turn fabric under 1/2 in. around all 4 sides. Press.
  3. Turn under an additional 1/2 in. on all 4 sides. Press.
  4. Top-stitch around all 4 edges of the napkin.

Part 2: The Napkin Ring

  1. Cut 6-in. length of ribbon.
  2. Melt edges of ribbon with candle flame. (Keep a glass of water handy, just in case!) This will prevent it from fraying.
  3. Sew small piece of non-stick Velcro onto opposite ends of ribbon.

Part 3: Assembly

  1. Fold napkin into quarters.
  2. Scrunch centre to form bow tie shape.
  3. Wrap fabric ring around centre of napkin.
  4. Fan out the edges.


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