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DIY Bookshelf Bar


With a little ingenuity and a modest budget, you too can transform a simple shelf into a showstopping antique-inspired bar. Here's how:

Bookshelf converted into a bar with DIY antique-mirror backsplash.

Above, from top: armoire, Naked Furniture; glassware, Pottery Barn; decanters, Indigo; frames, West Elm; Lion's Head ring pulls, Lee Valley & Veritas.


mirrors, cut to size
metallic spray paint in various colours
spray bottle filled with water
spray adhesive
glassware and other bar accessories


  1. Measure dimensions of back wall of each shelf. Have glass-store clerk cut pieces of mirror to fit.
  2. Clean and dry mirrors well.
  3. Spray mirror with water. Be sure spray bottle is set to a very fine mist; you want to cover the entire surface of the mirror in small droplets of water.
  4. Immediately spray mirror with a light mist of spray paint in various metallic shades (e.g. silver, copper, etc.).
  5. After 30 seconds, dab mirror with a SpongeTowel. Keep your touch light; you're trying to get rid of the water, not the spray paint. Repeat with mirrors for other shelves.
  6. Affix antiqued mirrors to backs of shelves using spray adhesive.
  7. Dress shelves with glassware, bar accessories, tchotchkes, etc., and invite some friends over for a drink!


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