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Life Made Easy: Big, Impressive Art in 4 Minutes


In this Life Made Easy segment, Steven and Chris make an impressive work of art… using a shower curtain and a pre-made stretcher!


What you need:

  • a shower curtain in any pattern you like
  • a pre-made canvas stretcher frame in whatever size you'd like your art to be (you can find these at art supply stores)
  • a staple gun


  1. Cut your shower curtain into a square or rectangle to fit your frame, making sure to leave about 2" extra on each side
  2. Place your shower curtain upside-down on your work surface, with the frame centred on top of it.
  3. Keeping curtain taught, begin stapling it to the frame, starting with four staples right in the centre of each side of the frame.
  4. Continue stapling the curtain to the frame, expanding from each centre staple toward the corners.
  5. For a professional corner, continue stapling until you reach the edge; tuck excess fabric under itself, then fold back onto the frame, finishing it with a staple (see video for demonstration).


Video: Amazing Art in 4 Minutes Flat

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