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Ask S&C: Big-Boy Room

Transitioning your child's bedroom from nursery to big-kid room involves more than just a new bed. It's important to create an exciting and interactive space that will stimulate their curiosity and creativity. A zoo-animal theme is a tried-and-true classic but it's never been done like this!


Above: zebra and giraffe, Beetling Design; Malm bed frame, Ikea; bedding, HomeSense; tree-stump bedside tables, Urban Tree Salvage; sticky-back vinyl, Curry's Art Store.

The oversized zoo animals on the wall are in fact a three-dimensional mural, which the child can touch and interact with in a much greater way than the painted equivalent. To add depth to the savannah landscape, we transformed sticky-back vinyl into blades of grass by cutting it into long, tapered strips. Just peel and stick onto the wall before installing the animals.

This edition of Ask S&C was inspired by Amy and her son, Jacob, who has outgrown his nursery. Amy sent us a video asking for suggestions on how to transform the space into a big-boy room for her growing toddler.

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