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Benefits of Laminate Flooring

If you don't have hardwood floors or have hardwood floors that are not in great shape, then think about LAMINATE! They're a great alternative. Not only are they budget friendly, they look great and are quite simple to install. Read below for some instructions from Frank on how you can install them yourself!


Laminate flooring samples seen on Steven and Chris Courtesy of Torlys Smart Floors.



1. Measure sq. footage of room.

2. Determine the direction of the flooring.

3. Remove quarter round from bottom of baseboard.

4. Give yourself an extra 5% of flooring for waste.

5. Purchase the appropriate underlay for the flooring.

6. Roll out underlay (get moisture protection barrier underlay if installing in basement).

7. Determine which side of the room you will begin installing the flooring - it's always best to have the majority of cuts on a wall that is less visible.

8. Always leave a gap between floorboards and baseboard for expansion.

9. Measure carefully around door jambs and casing, and undercut casings where necessary.

10. When all flooring is installed, reinstall quarter round.


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