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Bedroom Design Don’ts

The four most common bedroom design mistakes and how to fix them.

DON'T do deep neutrals.

Deep brown walls are good in theory but not in practice. We love their warm tone, but when combined with hardwood floors and wood furniture, it can be a bit much. Opt for a rich and opulent shade to bring some life to your bedroom. Take your inspiration from an accent pillow (as we did below) or another accessory, then choose a paint colour that's at least two shades down (a.k.a. darker) on the deck.

DON'T dress your bed in pattern.

Colourful patterned bedding can be a good choice, but isn't always the best choice. Certain patterns have a tendency to read a bit youthful. Instead, choose hotel-style bedding. The overstuffed, layered look of crisp, white bedding just screams luxury. But don't lose all the colour; inject punches in shams, throws, accent cushions, etc.

DON'T match your furniture.

Furniture sets are a convenient way to pull together a bedroom. You can't fault their practicality. However, that sameness can dilute a room's personality. Add character with unique separates instead.

DON'T mount your TV on the wall.

Who doesn't love watching TV in bed? But from a design standpoint, all those wires and high-tech accessories are a quick way to ruin a calm and inviting space. That doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your TV. Just be sure to invest in a media unit to keep unsightly electronics behind closed doors when not in use.


Above, from left: Nova rug, Weavers Art; Tuxedo Stripe bedding, Maholi; Organic Plissé blanket, West Elm; pillows, Y&Co; Scroll headboard, West Elm; S&C mattress, Springwall; side tables, Cocoon; Steven and Chris picture frames and lamps, at Zilli Home; accessories, HomeSense; Surfer's Paradise (P5106-62) paint, Para Paints.


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