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Beautifully Curate Your Bookshelf

When styled properly, a bookcase can serve to reflect your style and showcase items that matter to you. Interior designer Trish Johnston shares her tips on successfully curating a bookcase in your home.

Beautifully Curate Your Bookshelf

Let Bold Colours Dominate

Choose one shelf where they can dominate and draw your eye as a focal point.

You're allowed ot mix metals

It gives great tension to mix up metals and textures -- matte, shiny, gold, silver.

Showcase Your Collectibles

Put the items you love on display, but be selective. You don't want your shelves to appear overcluttered.

Use Height and Texture to add Balance and Symmetry

Baskets on the bottom shelf, for example, add warmth, texture, and can help store and hide unsightly items.

Beautifully Curate Your Bookshelf


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