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Bathroom Decorating Don’ts

Decorating a bathroom can be tricky business: They're typically small and full of practical considerations. But don't (no-no No. 1) let that deter you. Follow Lisa Worth's bathroom decorating don'ts to avoid design disaster. (Plus: Check out Lisa's fave tubs!)


Above: paint (Nickel P2231-4), Para Paint; artwork, Grace Gallery; and accessories, Ginger's.

DON'T use sconces on their own.

Sconces make us look beautiful, but their light levels are not sufficient for bathroom purposes (e.g. makeup application, shaving, etc.) unless combined with a high-powered magnifying mirror. The best bathroom lighting is a surface-mount fixture that uses a few 60-watt bulbs placed directly over the mirror for even light distribution.

DON'T install coloured sinks or toilets.

They are not coming back in style, and if you hear otherwise, don't believe it.

DON'T use laminate flooring.

This isn't a style thing. Practically speaking, water and laminate just don't mix. If you want the look of hardwood without the maintenance, look for porcelain tiles that resemble wood.

DON'T store toilet brushes beside the toilet.

And Lisa doesn't care if you have a really cute patterned one. Cleaning supplies belong in the closet.

Special thanks to Olympia Tile for supplying the porcelain tile samples in our studio.

Bathroom Bonus!

Lisa's picks for the most "worthy" bathtubs!

  1. Stropshire tub, Canaroma Bath & Tile
  2. Optik F tub, Taps Bath Centre
  3. Cube Soaker, Ginger's


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