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Ask S&C: Backsplash Basics

Whether you're looking to save or splurge, there's a beautiful backsplash for every budget. Here are some of our neutral faves, from least expensive to most.



  • A classic bevelled subway tile (top left) never goes out of style. $12-15 per square foot
  • Hexagonal tile (bottom left): unexpected and inexpensive! $17-20 per sq. ft.


  • A basketweave pattern (middle, top and bottom) adds interest without being too flashy or trendy. $20-25 per sq. ft.


  • If money is no object, a flower motif (top right) can be absolutely stunning! The added cost owes to its intricate curved cuts. $25-30 per sq. ft.
  • Up the wow factor by carrying your countertop material onto the walls (bottom right). $30+ per sq. ft.
  • All stone provided by Saltillo Imports.

    This edition of Ask S&C was inspired by our viewer Jacqueline, who wrote to us looking for backsplash options to suit a neutral colour scheme.

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