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Ask Steven and Chris: Pink Room!

Question:  Watch Bill's Video Question Here.

I'm moving into a house with a pink room and don't want to paint. What to do !?!?


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Steven and Chris say:


  • We think that you have to paint this space; there is actually no option here. It doesn't matter what you put into this space, it will always have a looming pink striped wall. Pink and red are the hardest colours to cover when it comes to painting, so we have two options for you from which to choose:  There will be two paints to demonstrate - you will both have a piece of board painted with the light and dark pink stripe.

    1. Paint and Primer in One - Should only take one coat -
    • Cost on average is $40 - $50 per gallon
    • Most paint companies have come out with this "advanced technology" with greater molecular structures that results in a denser, harder, more durable paint film
    • With the new paint and primer in one, you should only require one coat to cover any wall.

      2. Good Ol' Primer - Will require two cans of paint (primer and wall colour)
      • Cost on average is between $20 - $30
      • The main function of priming is to ensure that any successive layers of paint adhere to the surface properly.
      • Priming before painting helps to provide coverage on your wall to eliminate the need for multiple coats of your final wall colour

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