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Pretty, Practical Laundry Room Decor

Sure, a laundry room needs to be practical, but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty, too! All you need are some reusable containers, open shelving and a bit of imagination to clean up the space. Here are five tips to help get you started:

A pretty, practical laundry room plus chance to win a Maytag washer/dryer.

  1. Don't leave your laundry room walls builder beige. Try an industrial vinyl wallpaper instead. The look is crisp and clean, but the surface is extremely durable and can withstand anything you throw at it.

  2. Use open shelving to keep the essentials easily accessible. Store seasonal items up high to maximize vertical space and keep a stepstool handy. Use closed storage (e.g. boxes, baskets or bins) for unsightly items, such as shoe-polishing kits, rags, dustpans, feather dusters, etc.

  3. Store cleaning products in reusable containers. If you dedicate glass ones to your most used items (e.g. laundry detergent), you'll always know when you need to replenish your supplies. This will also keep your laundry room looking clean and inviting. True, the space doesn't typically attract many visitors, but if someone does pop in, at least it will look tidy.

  4. Create a work surface. This can be a challenge given the size restrictions of most laundry rooms, but if you can manage it, you'll appreciate the utility of a solid surface like Corian for folding, ironing, treating stains, etc. Not only is it mold-, mildew- and bacteria-resistant, but Corian can also stand up to heat.

  5. Lighten your load with new high-tech appliances like this powerful pair from Maytag®. Perfect for any busy family, the Maytag® Bravos XL washer and dryer boast a 10-year warranty and remarkable energy efficiency. In fact, the dryer's Advanced Moisture Sensing technology uses nearly 40% less energy, saving you money.

Above, from top: Phillip Jeffries vinyl wall covering, at Crown Wallpaper; baskets, at HomeSense; Lack wall shelves and Grundtal tissue box (for dryer sheets), both Ikea; jars, at Tap Phong Trading Co. Inc.; towels, at the Bay; spouted jars, at HomeSense; custom counter with integrated sink, Corian; Bravos XL washer/dryer, Maytag; Bekväm stepstool and Bislev rug, both Ikea.


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