Ask S & C: Furniture Placement


I am on maternity leave and watch your show religiously and think that you could help me with my design dilemma.   
Here is the floor plan of our new home which is totally open concept and only 30 feet wide. What would you suggest for furniture placement in the family room?  And where do I mount my tv?
Thank you,




Open concepts are often the most difficult spaces to design, so we wanted to give you a few ideas on how to pull it together.

Flow - With three entrances into the family room, it is important to not block them off with furniture. This idea should be extended to the selection of a coffee table. Acknowledge the depth of the island into the family room and keep the area clear with the exception of backless stools that tuck under if you feel the need for seating.

Sofa - It is always a safe bet to put your sofa on your focal wall. This is especially true for you because you don't have enough width for it to float in the room.

Television - Because you asked about it, we thought that it would be a key player in your space, so we mounted it on the one wall that is adjacent to the sofa. Consider grounding the television with a small but weighty console.

Accent Seating - We wanted to tuck in a small chair in the window and a bench running along the opposite side. The corner by the fireplace is a perfect place for an intimate seating area. Two slipper chairs on either side of a round side table will create a cozy nook for reading or additional seating for TV viewing.

Tables are important here for both form and function. A coffee table and two side tables for the sofa and accent chair allow for a place for a drink or a vase of flowers. Be sure to choose a long and lean piece rather than a square and chunky one in order to optimize the traffic paths between the family room, living room and kitchen.

Rug - It is important to anchor your space with a rug, but with your space being 11' X 18', this would typically be very expensive to do. A great trick is to buy a warm sisal carpet off the roll at the exact dimensions that you want. We recommend keeping the rug rectangular and just ignore the area with the bay window. You can have the carpet bound with the width and colour of binding up to you! It's a great alternative to buying a finished rug.

Art - Much like how you would anchor your TV with a console, you should also have artwork anchored by furniture. A large piece of art, or even a collection, would look lovely above your sofa to balance the opposite side of the room.



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