Ask S & C: From Drab to Dazzling

Hi Steven and Chris,
I am a retired military cook who has spent 23 years around a lot of men and drab olive colours. I think this has made my decorating drab!
I am looking for some advice on paint colours, furniture, etc.
I hope you decide to take on this mission!
Thanks so much,

Ask Steven and Chris




  • This space is looking quite drab with its grey walls and black and white accents.
  • The one colourful thing in your space is the plates, and they appear to be displayed quite predominantly, so we will take our cues from them


Dinnerware from Homesense.

  • We love the idea of pulling inspiration from your favorite objects.
  • Artwork is a great way to jump-start a design plan, and because these plates are their own individual pieces of art, we think this will be great for you - at the very least it will give you some direction.
  • With this said, we would like you to take down the plates from display. Bring them out when you are entertaining, but keeping them all out on display is a bit too much.
  • We would like you to warm up the walls with a really soft butter colour. This will immediately warm up your space.
  • We suggest getting rid of the chair rail - it is dividing this space, and we think there are too many angles here for it.
  • Choose colourful pieces - don't be afraid of colour, it can only help liven up your space.

Fabric samples from Designer Fabric Outlet.

  • Get rid of the curtains and install simple Venetians.

Blinds from Premier Blinds.

  • Remove one of the units to make it smaller in this space - add some cap moulding in order to unify them - they will now read as one (as opposed to three pieces next to one another).
  • New sofa. Your existing love seat is too small for this space. We encourage you to choose a larger sofa in a punchy colour!

Sofa from Ikea.

  • For some extra seating that can easily be moved around, go for a slipper chair like this one!

Chair from Target.


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