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Ask S & C: Displaying Memorabilia


Hi Steven and Chris
Do you have any creative ideas on how I can display my sports trophies, ribbons, and medals?  Sports were a huge part of my childhood and currently they all sit in my closet collecting dust!

Ask Steven and Chris

  • This is a very common problem. When we brought it up in the office, a number of people had similar issues with their old memorabilia. It is also very common with children and their sports trophies, so we have come up with a few ideas we think will really work for you.
  • We pulled inspiration from a very common display method and based our display on that. This will allow you to add your trophy display to any area of your home - an office, den or rec room.
  • Creating a new backing for your shadow box will provide the perfect base for any metals or ribbons. Here we have added some inexpensive white fabric over a layer of in order to add a slight bit of visual interest to the frame.
  • We added ribbons to a long poster frame for maximum space and a unique shape. Finally layer in some framed images of you while you were in the sporting events.



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