Ask S & C: Creating an Outdoor Feel


My husband and I are moving into our dream home. We are young and don't have a lot to bring in to the space, so we have agreed to start from scratch. 
We have three walls of windows that overlook a park and ravine, so I would like it to have a be classic and chic with slightly garden or outdoor feel. We both really like the idea of investing in pieces that will carry us through many years.
Any suggestions on what to do here?

Thank you,


What a lovely space - we really think that there is a lot of potential to have some fun here.

We started with this great antique armoire. Because you have only the one wall, we would like to see you keep it clean and uncluttered. In this space a television and media console would not work at all, so keep everything concealed.

Antique armoires are always great investment pieces because they are not only beautiful, but serve a myriad of functions. We could see this piece functioning as a wardrobe in a bedroom, or a storage cabinet in a dining space. It will add personality and life to a number of rooms, so it's well worth the investment.


We love this sofa - it is relaxed and reflects the easy living feeling we are going for here. This one from is rather inexpensive and has slipcovers which can be switched out seasonally.

Coffee Table
We wanted to bring the indoors out and this table does it perfectly. Architectural salvage is a great way to add a ton of personality to any space and will undoubtedly give it a special one of a kind quality. This is a custom piece by Trianon. They have used this metal grate in a floral motif as the template for the coffee table. The patina on this piece is great and will give you that outdoor or garden feeling for which you are looking.

Because your space is so light and bright, we wanted to find the balance between heavy and light in this coffee table. The metal work and scale give this piece great presence, but the glass keeps it from bring overpowering.

125_Coffee Table.jpg

125_Side Table.jpg

Accent Chairs

These are not your grandmother's wicker chairs. The sleek and sexy lines are young, but not so contemporary that they will go out of style.  

When thinking about your space, think outside the box - You are trying to achieve a garden-type feel, so why not include pieces that would fit into a garden space. These would also be great for people with children because the only spot to stain is the seat cover which can be removed and washed. These chairs could be used either inside or outdoors which adds great flexibility! The iron side table also gives a nod to the outdoors.


The most inexpensive way to add endless personality to a space is through toss cushions.  Here we have layered fun and whimsical pieces that can't be missed.  

For casual comfort, we love the idea of an eclectic look. No two are the same, but it works - so mix and match! When it comes to accessories, they should reflect your personality in the present time.

Accent Lights
These pieces again add some whimsy to this space. They are practical pieces of art which will add a layer of light to the space while injecting some charm.


Flowering Branches
Adding some branches to any space is a great way to fill space and bring the outdoors in.  They make a huge statement and are relatively inexpensive to purchase.


Armoire, Trianon

Coffee Table, Trianon

Accent Chairs, Trianon

Pillows, Trianon

Accent Lights, Trianon

Sofa, Ikea


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