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All Seasons Room

A four seasons room is a great way to give a space in your home the feeling of your favorite vacation destination or the great outdoors. Designer Lisa Worth shows us how to create a four seasons room that's inspired by your dream destination.


Above: chairs, chest, area rug, coffee table, art, accessories, 12/12 Decor; Royal Blue wall colour, Benjamin Moore

Keep The View In Mind

Choose a space with the best view, ideally with access to the backyard. Spaces that are typically used for four seasons rooms are located off the kitchen or eat-in space.

Think of a Destination

Choose a destination you want to be transported to, and keep this in mind when you are designing your four seasons room.


Choose Outdoor Fabrics

Think function and practicality with fabrics for upholstery. Consider using outdoor fabrics for durability.


Consider Where You Live

Ensure that the fabrics selected and furnishings complement the seasonal changes where you live. For example, you don't want to be sitting on cushions that have palm trees on them and be looking at four feet of snow.


Above: McGuire chairs and table, Studio B; gold paint, Benjamin Moore; rug, Elte; wood art, Kantelberg & Co.; branches, 2pi rdesign

Stay True To Your Space

Don't create a stand-alone cliche. This room should be an extension of the adjoining spaces in your home.

Integrate pieces into your four season's room that complement the decor of surrounding spaces to ensure unity exists. Stay away from cliches, as they will cheapen the look. Remember, authenticity is always key.



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