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Adding Vintage Glam to Your Decor

Vintage glam is a bold way to update your look that can bring a touch of unexpected pizzaz into our homes. A huge fan of glamourous decor is designer Andrika Lawren, who shares her top four tips on how to incorporate vintage glam into an already designed and decorated space.

Adding Vintage Glam to Your Decor

Above: PARA Paint Outfeild Grand Champ; black lacquered dining room table, Lucite chairs, silver plated candelabras, painting, Patina Antiques; mirrored pedestal, area rug, cluster pendants, end table, Elte, vase, Homesense

When shopping for glamourous decor pieces start by looking for three things: spectacular lines, reflective quality and material combination working in perfect harmony. Keep your eye out for pops of colour and fantastic materials, like interesting wood grains, metals (chrome & brass) and plastics (like Lucite). Also look for mirrors and glass, and for items with fun unexpected shapes or clean beautiful lines. Chances are, if you find any combination of these elements you're on your way to a standout glamorous look.

Now onto the tips ...

1. Start with One Thing

Start with a couch, a carpet, lighting ... Pick that one thing you love and build around it to create a great design. Just make sure it works with the rest of your space - you want to introduce new furniture that compliments other pieces in your already existing decor. Even a dresser or floor lamp can be just the thing to get you inspired to add more glamourous decor into any area of your home.

2. Balance Balance Balance

Find a colour or tone that you can repeat in the look. Repetition is a huge element of design, be it in tone or texture. It's how you create a cohesive & balanced look.

If you have a fabulous gold mirror then enhance the room with more gold accents - think of adding a gold chair, bowl, or paint out an existing bookcase. And don't forget about symmetry when designing a room - flanking two bookcases on either side of a table can be just the thing to keep everything in perfect harmony and balance.

3. Create More than One Focal Point

Forget everything you've ever heard - you don't need to be restricted to only one focal point! It's all about bringing together a few stand out pieces and then complementing these key pieces with smaller elements.

4. Take Your Time

Don't just run to the store and buy everything at once. You don't want your home to look like a set or a showroom. It should come together over time in an eclectic way. And if you over think it too much, you probably aren't making choices that are natural to your own tastes.

Adding Vintage Glam to Your Decor


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