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Add Wow to Your Builder Home

Looking to add impact to your living area? For us, a jaw-dropping space has three essential components, which you can adapt based on your room and style.

Add Wow to Your Builder Home


Think of a few key items in your room:

  • Rug: Ground the space with a great rug. Put an interesting rug on the floor to define your space. The one pictured has a great paint streak effect, but the neutral color won't make it overbearing
  • Feature Wall: Rather than repaint your entire space, hang some great textured wallpaper on your key wall. This will keep the palette neutral, but add some interest to the space.
  • Coffee Table: If your sofa is large, boxie and dark, you need to keep your accent tables light and full of personality. The coffee table pictured has a soft stone coloured top and a base that feels more like a piece of art than a chunky coffee table

Add Wow to Your Builder Home


Mirror and Artwork: Add a statement mirror and artwork to your feature wall. This will draw your eye in immediately as you enter the room.

Mirrored TV Unit: When it comes to TV units, think outside the box. Although the piece pictured is meant for a television, it looks like a proper sideboard with mirrored inlay and detailed inlay.

Add Wow to Your Builder Home

Personality Pieces

Incorporate one final layer of colour and one of a kind style to make it exactly what you want. Here's what we chose for the space pictured:

  • Colour: Coral and cinnamon tones will add some immediate personality to the room. Add pillows, decorative boxes, or a throw in patterned and solid fabrics for maximum impact.
  • Statement Lighting: Because you only have room for small side tables, your table lights should pack a punch.


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