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Achieve Comfy Glam with Texture

Going glam can often read cold with its laquered finishes and metallic touches. Decor expert Jennifer Reid shows us how decorating with texture can achieve a high-glam look that's also comfy.

Achieve Comfy Glam with Texture

Above: wallpaper, Joanne/J.F Fabrics; couch, chairs, side table, ottomans, pendant, rug, mirror, ELTE.

Add texture to your wall with flocked wallpaper

Flocked wallpaper is an interesting and unexpected way of incorporating texture into your space. Flocked papers are availbailable in a variety of patterns from damask to bold stripes. This flocked wallpaper by Joanne Fabrics is the perfect hit of glam!

Get the luxury look with velvet

Velvet is the ultimate glam textile. It's smooth, luxurious, comfortable, timeless and stylish. The black velvet couch complements the bold black stipes on the flocked wallpaper are blend nicely in the room. The chairs are a perfect example of texture combinations all on their own, as the velvet and chrome combination creates tension and interest.

Achieve Comfy Glam with Texture

Sprinkle in some animal print

You can't go wrong with a touch of animal print when you're going glam! The ottomans add a bit of pattern and visual interest to the space but the smooth wood base is the perfect texture combo to sit on the shag rug. If you'd taken the zebra print right down to the rug, the ottomans would not have worked as well.

Opt for a shag rug

You can't get much better texture than a shag rug! This sets the tone for a room filled with texture. This is a big commitment to texture so let is take centre stage.

Treat lighting like the jewelry of the room

Any room that goes glam can handle a bit of sparkle! The chrome light fixture is the main metallic feature of the room and complements the arms of the occasional chairs.

Achieve Comfy Glam with Texture

Go with deep, rich drapery treatments

No room is complete without drapery. Draperies really help make a room feel finished. Simple and smooth velvet panels don't fight with the wallpaper. The drapes add a layer of drama and luxury.

Jennifer Reid


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