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A Feng Shui Inspired Teen’s Bedroom

The teenage years are tough and often filled with lots of ups and downs. Crazy hormonal changes, preparing for university and college and of course relationship challenges. But by using feng shui principles you can create a more grounded and nurturing environment for your teenager. Here, Laura Morris shares her tips on how to decorate a teenager's bedroom using feng shui to improve focus and stability.

A Feng Shui Inspired Teen's Bedroom

Above: lamps, bedding, floral pillows, turquoise pillows, desk/dresser accessories, Homesense; turquoise chair, Steven's own; green pillows, Peaks and Rafters; art, Art Interiors; bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, rug, textured pillow, Gautier


Start by creating a strong foundation. To create a sense of security, make sure the floor is darker than the walls and ceiling. This increases that feel of grounding. Go a step further and add an area rug in browns and earth tones.


Many teenagers want super dark or dramatic walls, just be careful about which element you are bringing into the space. No dark red walls, which are over stimulating. Black is water and can disrupt sleep patterns. So choose a rich, earthy tone to add more stability or a nice verdant green for growth and vitality.


Stay away from metal beds, which are great EMF conductors. You should opt for wood or a fully upholstered bed to create a soft environment.

A Feng Shui Inspired Teen's Bedroom


Stay soft and natural. Go for organic cotton and fibres to clear out any bleaches or artificial dyes. Also make it luxurious by adding a big fluffy comforter to give that soft, nurturing yin energy. Feel free to introduce a little red or orange in the bedding if your teen really wants it. Green is also a nice choice, especially if they tend to procrastinate. It's great for focus and initiative. Green increases the wood element and creates that get up and go feel.


Have one large uplifting piece over the head board, as this will help to lift the chi. Make sure that it's nothing heavy or dark. Teenagers also like to have collections of different images on their walls. Rather than telling them no and clearing it all out, create an area where they can paste, pin and display imagery, ideas and notes. Make it like an ever changing vision board. This is also a great way or you to see the things that inspire your child.

Don't forget to add some accessories:

Rubber Plant: This type of plant is especially effective at removing formaldehyde from the air. It only needs low light and has nice large smooth round leaves.

Picture of Family: To make your parental unit relationships more harmonious, put up a happy picture of the whole family and make sure all pictures are bright and positive.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps: These crystal salt lamps help to clear the air, changing and charging into healthy ions. They help to combat EMF pollution and mimic the benefits of sea air. They should be placed on the beside table or on a side table.

A Feng Shui Inspired Teen's Bedroom


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