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8 Amazing Uses for a Rubber Band

The following viewer email spurred big conversation here about the different amazing uses for a Rubber Band:

Hi guys!

Love your show so much.  I am a single mom to two beautiful boys.  I feel completely independent except when it comes to opening jars!  Sometimes I feel like I am wrestling with the jam jar for hours.  Any ideas?

Thanks a million, Keri

Well, Keri, get thee to a dollar store, get a rubber band and you'll be opening jars and much, much more!

Check out eight amazing uses for a rubber band:

1. To open a jar

Run the lid under hot water.  This will make the metal expand.  Then, wrap a rubber band around the lid for better grip.


2. To keep your cutting board in one place

Ever have a trouble with a cutting board that slips and slides across your counter?  Wrap a rubber band around each end to keep it in place.


3. To create sticky fingers

Instead of licking your finger to thumb through various documents, wrap a rubber band around it. It will give you a ton of traction. 


4. Broom seen better days

Wrap a rubber band around your broom's bristles to get them back in line.  Leave the band on for at least a day.


5. Stemware Saviour

Use rubber bands to secure your stemware to the top rack in the dishwasher.  This will prevent your glasses from moving around during the wash.


6. Create a Rubber Remote

Wrap a few rubber bands around your remote to prevent it from scratching your lovely coffee table.


7. Quick Check

Wrap a rubber band around paint cans and other liquid containers to know how much is left with just a quick glance.



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