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5 Hot Home Décor Trends for 2015

We sent our design contributor Trish Johnston over to the brand-new Elte MKT in Toronto to get the pulse on the hottest home décor trends of 2015.


Bold Colour Pairings

This year, it's not just bold colours that are in — they're actually being combined together. Turquoise with green, olive with plum, fuchsia with orange: all of them will brighten up your space!


Sparkly metallic colours and textures are everywhere this year. And you shouldn't be afraid to mix your metals: gold can live just fine beside rose gold, polished silver and pewter!

Old-World Patterns

Old-world patterns and textures are popping up on rugs and wall hangings all over the place. They'll add a little class to any space.

Natural Textures

Linen, wovens, wood: this natural element should be in every room you design to give your space a warm, lived-in feel.

Industrial Lighting

Filament bulbs are the new kids on the lighting block, with fixtures ranging from bare cages to seeded glass.


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