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5 Regret-Free Budget Decorating Tips for Renters

If you're renting your home, you don't want to invest in expensive decor you can't take with you, but you still want to create a gorgeous space to live in. How do you create a beautiful temporary space on a budget? Here are Here are five no-regret ideas:

1. Keep it Neutral

Neutral paint colors make it easier to create a polished and pulled-together look using what you've got. And neutral furniture is more likely to find its place in your next home (or to sell quickly on Craigslist or Kijiji).


Neutral room designs featured in Lonnymag

2. Create a Feature Wall Using Wallpaper

There are lots of great inexpensive wallpapers out there and doing just one wall can create a major impact for a minor cost.


This bedroom was featured in our Small Space Style segment with Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin; Julien Macdonald Dazzle wallcoverings ($60-90)

3. Mix Big-Box Store and DIY Finds

Big box retailers like Ikea usually carry a few extra stylish pieces that are similar to more expensive designer items, like this Docksta table and set of 4 Tobias chairs sold at Ikea for $665. Mix these items with DIY finds that you can breathe new life into with sanding and paint. We often find items to upcycle on Craigslist or Kijiji for free or very cheap.

These budget furniture finds are featured in our article on decorating a Chic Urban Space.


This upcycle DIY is one of many featured on popular design blog Design Sponge.

4. Use Inexpensive Art Prints

These days, it's easy to find art you love for cheap on sites like Etsy and Art.com and they can really add life and personality to your walls. The inspiration photo on the left is from Lonnymag but the Olunda print on the right is from Ikea and comes framed.


The small gallery of white frames is from our From Neutral to Lively segment and the gallery wall and Etsy art print below it are from our segment on buying Inexpensive Art Online.

5. Group Books and Accessories as Décor

Time for a trip to HomeSense! Using your books as a base, then layering fun and inexpensive accessories — both vintage and from discount retailers like HomeSense — is a great way to create interesting vignettes in your home. Best of all, these items are easy to switch around every so often and re-use in your future homes.


Books featured in Style at Home; bookcase featured in Lonnymag.


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