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4 Easy Tulip Arrangements


Spring has sprung and fresh blooms are one of those small luxuries to brighten your home and your mood! Here we show you four easy arrangements to display your tulips beautifully.


1. Decorative Vase

Tulips in decorative vase

  1. Extract potted tulips from their soil, shake them out and clean in a bowl of water to wash soil away. Be careful to handle the roots carefully to keep them in tact.
  2. Add some stones to the bottom of a flat-bottom vase.
  3. Delicately place your bulbs inside your vase, spreading the roots.
  4. Once you have your first two to three bulbs in place, add a few stones to anchor the bulb and roots.
  5. Keep layering the stones until they're almost covering the bulbs.
  6. Add cold water.

2. Bunching Tulips in a Leaf-Wrapped Vase

Tulips in decorative vase

  1. Using a standard tapered glass vase, line the inside with monstera and banana leaves.
  2. Trim stems of tulips to fit, creating two bunches. A great tip when trimming the stems is to cut them on a slant because they'll absorb the water better.

3. Cascade of Parrots

Cascade of parrot tulips

  1. Purchase parrot tulips — these are different because of their feather-like petals.
  2. Bunch your tulips in your hand, measuring how far you want them to cascade over your low round vase. Keep in mind the tulips will naturally drop a bit themselves.
  3. Trim your tulips to size.

4. Tulip Flutes

Tulip Flutes

  1. Use tall flute vases for this arrangement. Tthis is important because the height actually holds the tulips in place.
  2. Measure each tulip by eye by placing them next to the flutes. You want them to land in a tiered height after trimming.
  3. Trim accordingly to different heights.
  4. First add cold water to the vase, then strategically place three simple tulips in the flutes. Start with the shortest one to highest.
  5. Don't worry about only using three tulips because you don't want to fill the vase. The simplicity of only using three is what makes this arrangement sleek and sophisticated.


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