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4 Creative Uses for Socks


Have a decorative pair of socks you no longer wear? Consider these four ways to turn them into something new!

Vase Covers

Colourful Sock Vase Covers

Slide your old sock onto the vase. Once it sits snug, you can cut the rest off. Great use for orphan socks.

Arm Warmers

Arm Covers made of socks

Cut the toes off and make a hole at the ankle. You can singe the edges so the threads don't pull out. Slide them on your arms to keep warm. They're great for biking.

Sock Dolls

Sock Dolls

Fill your sock with either rice or any grain. Use a fishing line to tie the middle and the top ends. Glue on buttons to make eyes.

Smartphone Pouch

Smartphone Pouch made of Socks

Cut the longer portion of your sock. Sew the bottom. Use as a pouch for your phone, ipod or keys.


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