2013 Colour Trends

We know, we know, it's barely 2012, but we just can't help but look ahead. Next year's colour trends are grounded in similar tones set off by a contrasting and unexpected hue. Watch for these bold colour stories popping up in the coming months.


Above: fabrics, Designer Fabrics and Threadcount Textile & Design.

1. Sienna

This twist on a neutral palette has a bit of a Wild West influence: a blend of the warm, mid-brown tones of burnt sienna with shades of amber and turquoise.

2. Sorbet

A bold combination of soft hues defines in this palette. Cerulean blue, seafoam green and coral come together for a soft yet show-stopping colour combination.

3. Garnet

The rich jewel tones of garnet are the inspiration for this bold palette. A playful mix of light and dark shades with a punch of canary yellow gives this grouping an air of sophistication.

Which palette do you like best? Tell us in the comments below!


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