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Coloured Potato Latkes

We show you three fun ways to create naturally coloured potato latkes for Hanukkah.

Bold Furniture Decorating 101

Learn how to seamlessly decorate around a bold piece of furniture.

Sunny Easter Brunch Table

With spring in the air, designer Monica Pedersen walks us through a sunny brunch table designed to kick off the warm weather. Above: table and chairs, buffet, table light, Decorium; chandelier, Biltmore; dinner plates, juice glasses, S&P shakers, pitcher, glass...

Good, Better, Best: Nursery

A good nursery can also be somewhere that a mother enjoys being in as well. So we have decided to show you how to make a nursery fun for baby and mom. Sources: Dutailer Melon-Crib, bed, dresser, Monte vola glider,...

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