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How Wearing The Wrong Bra Can Be Bad for Your Health

Dr. Melissa Lem stopped by to teach us how an ill-fitting bra could be affecting your health

From Flip Flops to Skinny Jeans: Are These Fashion Staples Making You Sick?

Trendy fashion staples carry some health risks, says Dr. Melissa Lem. From thong underwear to flip flops, know the risks!

Pregnancy Myths Busted: Yes, You Can Still Have That Morning Coffee

Is coffee off limits when you're pregnant? What about a glass of wine? Dr. Melissa Lem breaks down pregnancy "rules".

Face Mapping: What Do Acne Trouble Spots Say About Your Inner Health?

Face mapping combines modern skin care with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Where and How You Eat Can Help Keep Your Diet On Track

Did you know the way you eat your food could be preventing you from dropping those extra pounds?

Surprising Health Benefits of Regular Sex

Dr. Ali Zentner joined us in studio to share some of the unexpected health benefits of a great sex life.

Map Your Menstrual Cycle Day-by-Day

Which day are you most relaxed? Most flirty? A bit grouchy? There's more to your menstrual cycle than just your period.

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