Outside-the-Bottle Wine Cocktails

Four wine cocktails that go beyond sangria.

How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

Cocktail Deeva teaches us how to order wine like a pro!

Four Surprising Foods You Can Freeze

Save time in the kitchen and avoid food waste with these four surprising foods you can freeze.

4 Ways to Use Leftover Wine

If you ever have leftover wine sitting around, here are four creative and sometimes tasty ways to repurpose it.

Wine Essentials

From chilling to decanting, achieving the best wine-tasting experience seems like a very daunting task. No need to sweat it - fill up your glass and relax as we uncork the basic tips and tools you'll need to master the...

Golden Apple Holiday Cocktail

Our resident mixologist Simon Ho is getting festive, sharing one of his favourite holiday cocktails guests will love ... and ask for another! Raw sugar 1.5 oz Brandy 0.5oz Goldshlager Apple cider Ice Sparkling wine Directions: 1. Wet the rim...

3 Fun Tips for Your Next Cocktail Party Tips

Make your next cocktail party more sophisticated, fun, and organized with these three entertaining tips. It's today's Life Made Easy! 1. Labeled Glassware Next time you're having a dinner party and you can't find those cute little wine glass tags...

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