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Refreshing Flavoured Water

Want to get excited about drinking water again? Here are three combinations to mix things up.

Jet-Boating With The Team

Watch as the guys take on the Niagara rapids with a few of their adventurous team members.

Get Your Daily Dose of Water

We should all be drinking eight glasses of water a day. Drinking enough water means you'll have healthier skin, more energy and fewer cravings. Here's how you make sure to get your daily dose of H2O! You can track your...

Chris’ Angels: Celeb-Endorsed Products

These products have all gotten the celeb seal of approval but will they meet Chris' Angels' standards? 1. Glacéau SmartWater, $3, endorsed by Jennifer Aniston The claim: SmartWater is inspired by nature and is as pure as the first drop...

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