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Mango Kulfi

This refreshing frozen Indian dessert is a nice change up from your typical ice cream.

Cucumber Raita

This classic condiment is great on burgers but can also be used for sandwiches, grilled meats or a dipping sauce!

Vij’s Grilled Lamb Burgers

Vikram Vij’s lamb burgers are full of flavour and are super juicy, perfect for BBQ season!

Vikram Vij’s Coconut Kale

Chef Vikram Vij pairs coconut milk and kale for the ultimate dinner side dish.

Vikram Vij’s Family Chicken Curry

From the Vij family to yours.

Savoury Jackfruit Curry

Chef Vikram Vij's vegetarian curry has textures similar to pulled pork which will please everyone at the table.

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