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Elevate Your Space with Texture

Michelle Mawby shows us how using texture in your space can make a big impact.

Homespun Holiday Decor

We created a vignette to show you how to incorporate homespun elements into your holiday decor.

How to Create a Stylish Family Eat-In Area

Trish Johnston shares her tips on how to create a stylish family eat-in area.

Get the Cabin Chic Look

Trish Johnston reveals how to cozy up and get the cabin chic look in your home this winter.

Shop Your Home: Bedroom Makeover

You don't need to spend a bundle to make over a room in your house. In fact, you don't have to spend anything at all.

Five Tips to Create a Great Room

The term great room refers to a common room that combines the functions of a family room, living room, and study. Typically in the centre of the house with raised ceilings, these great rooms are often a challenge to decorate. Here...

Achieve Comfy Glam with Texture

Going glam can often read cold with its laquered finishes and metallic touches. Decor expert Jennifer Reid shows us how decorating with texture can achieve a high-glam look that's also comfy. Above: wallpaper, Joanne/J.F Fabrics; couch, chairs, side table, ottomans,...

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