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Our Favourite Holiday Table Settings Ideas

7 inspiring tablescape ideas for a festive holiday.

DIY Sugar Fruit Centerpiece and Holiday Table

Dress up your traditional holiday table with an impressive sugar fruit display you can make yourself.

DIY Holiday Place Card Snow Globes

This DIY works double duty as a place card and a winter gift.

Dinner Party Table Setting

Make your next dinner party the best it can be with these table-setting tips. Homemade Tablecloth When you're having a dinner party it's very important to keep your guests' feelings in mind. You want them to feel comfortable and welcomed...

How to Host a Modern Tea Party

This ain't your grandmother's afternoon tea! With bold pops of colour, unexpected invites and punchy personalized accents, your next tea party is sure to be anything but old-fashioned. Read on for everything you need to know to freshen up your...

The Best Dressed Holiday Table

The key to the perfect holiday table? Personality.

Sew-Your-Own Bow Tie Napkins

Seamstress extraordinaire Denise Wild returns with an easy at-home sewing project sure to class up any dinner table. Skill level: Beginner Time investment: approx. 10 minutes per bow tie Fabric (17- x 17-in. per bow tie) Ribbon (6-in. per bow...

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