Maple Sugar Pie

Chef Jonathan Collins shares a 100-year-old recipe for maple sugar pie that can easily be turned into tarts.

Top Hidden Sugar Food

Theresa Albert warns us of foods that are hiding a lot of sugar.

Fighting 7 Food Intolerances

Nutritionist JJ Virgin reveals the seven foods most likely to cause food intolerance, and what we can substitute for them.

Peggy K’s Baking Substitutes

Don't want to use sugar or butter while baking? Make healthier choices with Peggy's easy baking substitutes!

Breaking Bad Food Habits

We've all got bad food habits we fall into from time to time. To help us break them and get on track to healthier eating, nutritionist Theresa Albert shares some quick fixes. Bad Habit: Sweet Tooth This can be a...

Golden Apple Holiday Cocktail

Our resident mixologist Simon Ho is getting festive, sharing one of his favourite holiday cocktails guests will love ... and ask for another! Raw sugar 1.5 oz Brandy 0.5oz Goldshlager Apple cider Ice Sparkling wine Directions: 1. Wet the rim...

Tosca’s Tips to Kick the Sugar

Healthy living expert Tosca Reno says its never to late to get on a healthy lifestyle path. This month, Tosca challenges you to kick sugar out of your life with these four steps. 1. Keep track of how much sugar...

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