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6 Unexpected Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

You can do more with soap than use it to clean grimy hands! Here are 6 great uses for soap that will blow your mind!

3 Loofah Sponge DIYs

You can use loofahs for more than just scrubbing your body in the shower! Here are three simple DIYs.

Frugalista’s Make-Your-Own Ideas for the Home

Our Frugalista Amrita Singh shares interesting make-your-own ideas that will save you some cash.

Y&R’s Tracey Bregman Sparkles

The Young and the Restless' Tracey Bregman showcases her stunning jewellery collection in a soap-inspired fashion show, featuring the likes of some of Y&R's most memorable characters! Download ( 'http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/" ) Flash Player to view this content. On Katherine Chancellor...

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