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A Serene Smoothie (For A Good Night’s Sleep)

This smoothie—with nature's chill pill—will help you get a good night of sleep.

7 Smoothies And Detox Drinks To Kick Start Your New Year

Smoothie and detox recipes for better health.

Healthy Snacks That Satisfy

Snacking between meals can be hard to resist, so if you have healthier options on hand there will be no need to feel guilty.

Peggy K’s 3 Habit-Breaking Recipes

Here are some fun and healthy recipes to get you started on the right note this new year!

Harley Pasternak’s Weight-Loss Smoothies

He's fitness trainer to the stars and now author of a new book The Body Reset Diet. Harley Pasternak shares some of his celebrity clients' favourite weight loss smoothies. Harley believes the blender is the most under appreciated gadget in...

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