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Getting Waxed at a Salon? Beware of These Gross Health Risks

Whether you're getting your legs or bikini line waxed, watch out for these gross health violations.

Anti-Aging Beauty Ingredients

When it comes to shopping for your anti-aging skincare, knowing what ingredients to look for is important.

How to Transition Your Purse from Winter to Summer

Just like our closets, the contents inside our purses also need a bit of revamping from winter to summer.

In a Rush? How to Apply Makeup in Just 5 Minutes

How to easily have a fully done face with makeup in five minutes!

Must-Have Skincare Products for Bedtime Beauty

Your skin will thank you for trying these must-have nighttime beauty products!

Life Made Easy: Gym Bag Essentials

You'll thank yourself for throwing these handy essentials into your own gym bag!

Chris’ Angels: Just How Good Are These Skin Exfoliators?

Chris' Angels check out some unique skin exfoliators. From messy to mittens to a bit gross, here are their reviews!

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