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6 Unexpected Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

You can do more with soap than use it to clean grimy hands! Here are 6 great uses for soap that will blow your mind!

5 Beauty Hacks to Survive Summer

Smart tips to stay comfortable and stylish during the hot summer months.

From the Ground Up Fashion Show

Shoes really can make an outfit!

Genny’s Prom Prep Tips

Genny has three simple and stylish ways to make sure you're ready for prom!

Running Wear Essentials

You'll want the right gear to get out there and start running and here to show us what we'll need is fitness expert Jana Webb!

The Magical World of Louboutin

Not everyone can afford a pair of Christian Louboutin's famous red-soled shoes, but that doesn't stop us from dreaming! Our fashion expert Erika Wark takes us on a tour of Toronto's Design Exchange exhibit celebrating Christian Louboutin's 20-year career and...

Household Shoe Fixes

Taking better care of your shoes is as easy as grabbing a few items we all have around our homes. Here are four simple ways you can store, clean and care for your footwear. Wine Bottles for Boot Storage Leaving...

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