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Aphrodisiac or Not?

Can chocolate, oysters or red wine really put you in the mood? Take the quiz and find out!

Test Your Sex IQ!

Think you've got your facts straight about sex?

Keep the Lust Alive

Sexologist Robin Millhausen shares her expert knowledge on the evolution of sex during a long-term relationship

Exercises for Better Sex

Fitness expert Oonagh Duncan shares exercises to work on your core, hips and cardio endurance for better sex.

Self-Love Quiz

A little self-love (nudge nudge, wink wink) goes a long way when it comes to your health.

Surprising Health Benefits of Regular Sex

Dr. Ali Zentner joined us in studio to share some of the unexpected health benefits of a great sex life.

How to Improve Your Sex Life Through Your Senses

According to sexologist Robin Milhausen, the key to a better sex life is engaging all five of your senses. Here are her tips on how to get a little more sense-ual. Sight Research shows that men are more affected by...

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