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Cucumber Raita

This classic condiment is great on burgers but can also be used for sandwiches, grilled meats or a dipping sauce!

Horseradish Cream

This tangy sauce can be whipped up in a flash!

Aioli Sauce

This is Chef Daniel Boulud's recipe for the classic garlicky Provencal sauce. His version is luxuriously velvety and rich, perfect for serving with platters of chilled seafood and lightly blanched vegetables.

Steak Au Poivre

This great foolproof steak recipe from Chef Jonathan Collins is perfect for your next dinner party. Serve with his easy, yet impressive Cognac Sauce, Maple Roasted Parsnips and Brussels Sprouts with Chanterelles.

Fish Wings

Sticky, spicy, savoury and sweet chicken wings from Chef Michael Smith. They're addictive and fun to eat - make sure you have plenty of napkins handy!

Wild Mushroom Ragout

We're wild about this decadent mushroom ragout! Reserve the pan drippings from Jonathan Collins' herb crusted beef tenderloin to make this sauce extra flavourful. Low sodium beef stock may be used instead. Ingredients 3 cups low sodium beef stock...

Dr. Ali’s Pasta Sauce & “Noodles”

By Dr. Ali Zentner Makes 8 servings *As seen on page 215 in The Weight-Loss Prescription Sauce 2 T olive oil 5 cloves garlic, chopped 4 cups mushrooms, sliced 6 cups fresh spinach 6 tomatoes cut into cubes 1...

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