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7 Signs You’re Overtraining

Sure, we all want to live more active lives, but there is such thing as too much exercise.

Post Exercise Active Recovery Workout

Active recovery workouts are absolutely necessary if you want to see real improvements in your physical fitness routine.

The Latest in Fitness Apps and Gadgets

We've tested out some hot fitness apps and gadgets to help reach your 2014 fitness goals.

Spring Into a New Workout

Searching for some new moves to incorporate into your workout routine this spring? Then look no further than our resident fitness experts Assata McKenzie, Sarah Robichaud, and Jana Webb, who've got great — and fun — ideas for everyone. Hula...

Couch Potato Workout

According to fitness expert Sarah Robichaud, if you have time to watch TV, you have time to get in shape. Want proof? Check out her no-excuses workout you can do from the couch! Leg Lifts Download ( 'http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/" ) Flash...

10-Minute Stretching Routine

Fitness expert Sarah Robichaud demos a stretching routine that will leave you feeling fabulous in under 10 minutes! Download ( 'http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/" ) Flash Player to view this content. Stretching 101 Warm up for five minutes before stretching to heat up...

Happy 500th Steven and Chris!

Wow. 500 episodes. Has it been that many? We've had a blast entertaining you but we couldn't have done it without our talented roster of guests. Hear what some of our friends had to say about the show in this...

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