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The Cost of Breaking Up

Our finance expert Rubina gives you the lowdown on how different expenses fluctuate after a breakup.

Avoid These Costly Tax Mistakes

Whether you do your taxes on your own or hire an accountant — errors happen and they can lead to costly mistakes!

What Millennials Need to Learn About Money

Our finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq came into the studio to bust her top millennial money myths.

5 Ways You Could Ruin Your Retirement

Some choices you think are financially responsible might actually be devastating to your retirement.

Money Lessons From The Most Frugal Celebs

Smart money lessons you can learn from celebrities

Cure Your Holiday Financial Hangover

Feel the weight of all those holiday bills piling up? Rubina's got easy tips to tackle them.

Find the Hidden Costs—and Savings!—in Your Day

Some not-so-obvious ways we could all be saving money every day!

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